Innovative new ‘dust cannon’ will help with land remediation efforts

Garic, the UK’s leading manufacturer of quarry and construction site welfare products, has released a new range of odour and dust suppression equipment that is ideal for bulk materials handling and quarries.


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After carrying out extensive research in the market, the Bury-based company looked for the best types of products that would suppress dust in the quarry sector. As a result, they’ve now become the best-known and sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for the spray cannons known as MB Dust Control.

A vast range

These spray cannons are manufactured in the Netherlands, and there are 15 different models included in the range. These start with mobile units that are compact and easy to transport, and they increase in power and size to the large cannons that have the capability of spraying up to 100 metres in distance.

These spray cannons are highly innovative as they use a distinguished misting technology that helps to control dust at an entirely different level. A binding “fog” is created using ultra-fine water particles that measure just 10 to 150 micrometers in size. These are then used to clean the environment that they’re working in as they’ll quickly bring any dust that is airborne to the ground.

Used throughout Europe

As many ask the question, “who offers land remediation services?”, it’s clear that the dust suppression equipment known as MB Dust Control is providing the land remediation service that people need. It is now being used at a range of land remediation service sites around Europe as well as hundreds of landfills and quarries, ports and demolition projects.

Speaking about the latest range, Steve Booth, head of business development at Garic, commented that they’re “delighted” by how much interest their latest dust cannon range is already generating. He also mentions that they’ve got a few units that are being trialled at waste management and bulk materials handling companies and that so far, their power and efficiency have impressed everyone.

Booth went on to say that they’re also in talks with another company about the design of an ultra-bespoke cannon that would be incredibly powerful. This has been designed to work at large quarries, maximising how far the spray reaches whilst still trying to keep the amount of water used at a minimum, creating an eco-friendly yet ultra-powerful tool.