How To Play Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Freely On Nintendo 3DS?

There are all kinds of 3DS Zelda games on Nintendo 3DS and New3DS. Some players enjoy the amazing games of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D very well on Nintendo 3DS, so can we play this game for free on Nintendo 3DS ? It is said that a 3ds flashcart can hack Nintendo games on 3DS, then will 3DS flashcart be a good choice for all the players in Europe ?

3DS flashcart read Zelda freely on 3DS ?

Yes, there are many choice to play free Nintendo 3DS games on 3DS 11.4.0-37. Here is some options for you:

  1. SKY3DS+
  2. SKY3DS V2
  3. Gateway 3ds

So which one to choose for free 3DS Zelda games on 3DS ?

A card with good compatibility: SKY3DS+

Sky3ds+, this 3ds game flashcart for the time being is the Only working way to play downloaded 3ds game roms on 3ds latest firmware 11.4.0-37. It can support 3ds, new 3ds and 2ds system handheld too. The card with two button oranges can change the games very simple.  Sky3ds+ is easy to use! You can setup this card on 3ds, 3ds xl, new 3ds, new 3ds xl and 2ds console without any exploit and firmware, just download the firmware from the official site. You guys can play different 3ds games in one sky3ds. Don’t know which is the reliable site to buy sky3ds?


A card with many functions: Gateway 3DS 

  1. Playing almost all the 3DS and DS games

From 3DS 4.1~10.2, now these consoles can enjoy the Gateway 3DS features. You can play almost all the 3DS games. Include the very new 3DS games. The game roms are easy to get and you just need download them free and copy to your card to enjoy. The gateway 3ds flashcart will save you a lot of money.

  1. Amazing region-free,playing all region games

If you use a USA region 3DS, you can’t play the latest MH4,because it’s only JP region,but now, via the Gateway 3DS you can play all the region games on any region console. This is very very helpful for the other small languages users. (PS: France,Italy……). We know there are many small language roms, you can play them via other flashcart. Now you can use Gateway 3DS to enjoy them. For most of the users, it’s a very attractive features.

  1. Multi-rom and In Menu changing game

Gateway 3DS support multi-roms. You can put as many games in one micro sd card as you want. this feature is very userful, you don’t need take many game cards together. If you have the gateway 3ds card, you have a N games in one card, you can put any gmaes you want. What’s more you can chage the game easily via the Gateway system menu as below:

  1. EmuNand higher 3DS system

You may worry that the gateway 3ds can’t play the latest 3DS games because of the system versions. You can feel easy now,because the Gateway 3DS support emunand. emunand is an emulated nand. It’s more or less like a Virtual Machine on your computer, as the 3DS nand contain the 3DS OS. So you can run a “3DS 9.4.0-21” on 3DS 4.5 system. That’s very powerful, so you can enjoy almost all the 3DS games without system limit problem. EmuNand is very easy to setup.

If you want to play Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D freely on 3DS 11.4.0-37, then sky3ds+ is a good choice, because gateway 3ds cannot read 3DS games on 3DS 11.4.0, and the tutorial of gateway 3ds more complexe. So a good choice for you is the sky3ds+.