Do you know about these adhesives?

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“Want to increase productivity, reduce waste and drive down costs? New adhesives let you do just that with ease”.

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If your normal adhesive is failing or underperforming, have you tried a new, improved one? Whether you need a metal bonding adhesive or a better way of labelling bottles, a custom adhesive could be the solution.

Pallet stabilisers

We’re all concerned about the amount of plastic waste that gets generated each year. Shrink wrap that is routinely used to wrap and stabilise the contents of your pallets is costly, unreliable and above all wasteful.

Pallet stabiliser adhesives reduce product loss, eliminate the use of shrink wrap and deliver high-quality shipments anywhere in the world. Hot-melt and water-based adhesives are available that have already undergone rigid scrutiny and are suitable for businesses with a high throughput.

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Glue sticks

APO glue sticks are ideal for bonding PET, PE and PP materials. Traditionally, these substrates have been difficult to bond, but APO adhesives make short work of the problem, as long as none of the low surface energy substrates are woven.

Open times can be designed to last from 30 seconds to 4 minutes to give you total control over the bonding process. APO glue sticks have remarkable resistance to chemicals, acid and fuel making them ideal for use in the auto industry.

Glue dots

Need an easy to work with adhesive that’s clean and safe? Glue dots are the perfect no-mess alternative to liquid and hot-melt glues and are more versatile than double-sided tape.

Glue dots bond instantly and cleanly with no drying or curing time. There’s no need to heat the glue and these easy to use dots are suitable for a wide range of applications, from making repairs to securing attachments to paper surfaces to holding components in place prior to assembly.

Bottle labelling

If you need secure labelling on both plastic and glass bottles, there’s a new and unique adhesive designed to do just that. Aqueous labelling glue is a casein adhesive alternative that’s been approved for indirect contact.

It’s also ice proof, making it ideal for a range of storage solutions, and can be safely removed via any bottle washing method. It also works flawlessly with high-speed bottle labellers for superb results.