Designing the best break out room since social distancing rules

Break rooms can become a very important part of your office. If you want your team to be productive and satisfied at work, they need a place to take a break once in a while and relax or even have fun. Here are some tips that can help you make the best possible space for your business team.

Offer a space for conversation

You need to create a space in your break room where employees can take a seat and enjoy a bite to eat, a drink or a simple break. Some tables and comfortable seating can be very helpful. But you also have to consider the actual space you have available in your break room, because you want to create a space that will encourage your employees to actually sit down and talk and to encourage collaboration in the office as well.

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Create a relaxed atmosphere

In order for your break room to be effective, you need your employees to really feel like they are taking a break from their work. You can do this by creating a relaxing space in which members of your team can really separate themselves from their work. Think about the decor choices and comfortable seating in particular. Additionally, you may want to create a separate quiet space for staff who want to be alone to take a breather or maybe gather their thoughts for a few minutes. For all your Gloucester Office Furniture needs, visit a site like

Close off from main office area

In addition, it is important that your break room is physically separated from the rest of your office. If you have an open floor plan, employees who took a break could potentially be annoying those who work. Or those who work could make it more difficult for people trying to take a break. So, you could try using a room divider, a curtain or barrier to make the space seem more separate.

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Offer some activities

Break rooms can also be a great place for your team members to have fun. And you can encourage that by providing some games or activities for your employees to take part in. If you have room, you can set up a ping pong or pool table for team members to use. Or you can invest in a video game console or even just save some board games around for employees to enjoy.

Encourage regular breaks

You could consider providing some extras for employees who need a helping hand to relax and take their mind off work for some fun by including distractions such as books or TV. Some employees who work continuously can begin to feel burnt out and then potentially lose their focus and productivity. By giving some things that can help them really separate themselves from the work could also help them and your business from time to time.

Listen to your employees

When designing or updating your break room, the most important thing to remember is how it can benefit your team. So, you have to listen to their opinion when making decisions. You can learn a lot by simply talking to your employees. Should you have a few different options floating around, you can even use surveys or questionnaires to collect feedback from your team.