Design a futuristic, fabulous, fantasy home

Ever dreamed of designing and owning a futuristic, fabulous, fantasy home?  Well now you have the opportunity to do that, allow your thoughts to run wild, there are no limitations to your creative design.  Money is no object, resources are limitless, let your wishes and desires for a magnificent home come true, if only on paper!  On-suite bedrooms, under-floor heating, environmentally friendly lighting, a stunning curved wooden staircase, a games room, complete with snooker table and of course an indoor heated swimming pool. Practical furnishings as well as ornate carvings and statues can fill your rooms.

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Keep your home warm with an Aluminium Radiator and source your chosen heating from a reputable company like Choose your styles carefully, Colum, Vertical or Horizontal the room that you need the radiator to go in will more than likely influence the shape.

What do you want to be able to see from your huge light reflecting windows, waves splashing onto a beach by the sea, a forest of magnificent green trees or tall, white, snow-covered mountains?  Your garden could be an oasis of tranquillity and colour, with stunning flowers and trees.  Maybe a calm babbling stream is running through the grounds leading to a waterfall centrepiece? Or is it a wilderness and free for nature and animals to use as their chosen habitat.  Do you want an infinity pool that you can swim in and dream away your days while participating in a glass of bubbly? Whatever you want the design choices are endless and it’s up to you!