Creating the ideal corporate identity

These days, creating a corporate identity is more important than ever because there are so many platforms for exposure. Creating a brand identity isn’t always easy, and it requires a lot of research. These top tips will give you the edge and help you build a corporate identity that reflects your brand and is instantly appealing to the broadest customer base possible.

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Be inspired by leading brands

Before you start with your own corporate branding, take a look at what logos, colour schemes and styles your favourite brands use, and determine why they work and why you find them so appealing. Good branding will trigger an emotional response and form a connection with customers, and this is what you need to mimic.

Determine the most appealing angle

Often you need to know your customer before you start with branding, so do not design your logo too prematurely. Although some brands go all out to create new and innovative branding, you need to start small and simple and decide what will appeal to customers the most.

Incorporate your values

You want your branding to show that you’re genuine and create a connection with potential customers. You may need to ask a branding agency Gloucestershire to help you convey exactly what you want to communicate, as an experienced entity will be well equipped to give you good advice and ensure that you project the right image for your brand.


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Tell a consistent story

Your branding should tell a story and create a holistic image. You may need a branding agency to take the reins here to ensure that there is uniformity in your image and that your logo and all marketing material and any external facing assets work together in the most cohesive way.

Enlist assistance

Designing your corporate identity yourself can be tricky as what works for your eye may turn out to be less than appealing to others, or it may not accurately reflect what you do and how you do it. While market research will help you decide what direction you want your corporate identity to follow, it’s always a good idea to enlist a test group and ask others for their opinion and input. This way, you’ll have a better, well-rounded idea of what will work for you.