Common Home Adaptations

If there are everyday tasks that are becoming increasingly difficult, you might be thinking about adaptations to your home. Examples could include needing help with:

answering the door

managing stairs

using the bathroom or toilet

using kitchen equipment safely.

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Sometimes you may need to consider a greater adaptation, for example if you run into trouble:

in and out of your home

moving around your home

using part of your home, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

If you lose vision or hearing or are having problems with your memory there are also a variety of technologies and tools that can help you with your specific needs.

Types of adaptation

For tasks that used to be easy but might have become more difficult, there are many varieties of adaptation and equipment that can make your life easier. Some examples include:

installing a downstairs bathroom

fitting a stairlift  – for information on Stairlifts Bristol, visit a site like Pearce Bros, providers of Stairlifts Bristol

widening doors

lowering worktops in the kitchen

installing outdoor stair rails or ramps

installing grab rails in bathrooms

fitting a second staircase banister

Equipment – riser chair

bath or shower chair lift

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walking frame

perch bench in the kitchen or bathroom

safety equipment, such as a pendant or alarm

Small kitchen aids – kettle tippers

easy-open can opener

adapted cutlery

Deciding what you need

If you think you need a few adaptations to your home, you should contact the adult social services department of your local council, the local doctor or Clinical Commissioning Group, and request an assessment by a therapist working (OT). This assessment is free.