Attracting Customers Through All 5 Senses

Captivating customers through all their senses is a strategy that is increasingly important in the face of the “immunity” developed by the market in the face of traditional advertising.

The techniques that marketing uses to attract customers are innumerable and will certainly never end. Consumption habits vary and marketing must adapt to this change as well. One of the reasons for the emergence of these strategies is because clients are becoming less sensitive to certain marketing strategies creating a kind of immunity.

One of the techniques used in modernity is the Sensorial Marketing which seeks to attract customers through the senses. It is a marketing technique focused on the subconscious and seeks access to our emotions and feelings through stimuli that are intended to provoke reactions to our buying impulses.

For example, when entering a fashionable clothing store with a music background appropriate to the profile of the clientele maximizes the time spent in the store, the result is undoubtedly an increase in sales. With music and a greater permanence in the store, there is a greater probability that the customer will find what he looks for and he will be motivated to finally make a purchase.

The pleasant smells increase the perception of the customers towards the store, the environment and the products causing that the customers want to return.

One of the senses most used by sensory marketing is undoubtedly the ear and the smell, sense that can be attracted remotely from a distance and depending on their “rhythm” and “smell” can attract the audience they want.

Specialized studies tell us that people remember 1% of what they touch, 2% of what they hear, 5% of what they see, 15% of what they try and 35% of what they smell … Based onto this company look for how to exploit the senses, especially the Smell.

Case of success in the use of Sensorial Marketing

With the originality, you can apply the strategy successfully, such as the case of a sunglasses shop in a city away from the beach that decided to add sent to the beach by means of coconut odors similar to tanning creams and beach music, Achieving a considerable increase in sales of the business.

Examples of businesses dedicated to Sensory Marketing

Brandrack: It is a company dedicated to the musicalization of brands. This company provides music suitable for the profile of customers to commercial establishments such as retail chains, hotels, and gastronomy mainly in order to create pleasant and unique shopping experiences for their customers.

Aromarketing: It is a company dedicated to aromatize businesses, trying not only to give them scent but to add the appropriate fragrance, according to the time, a place to coordinate with the elements of the business and brand.

Basha: It is a Mexican company by a young entrepreneur DJ who has managed to musicalize and aromatize businesses and chains nationwide in Mexico, among its clients are Ferroni, McDonald’s, Burger King, Applebee’ S, among others.

Examples of companies and the 5 senses


Whoever has not gone to a Starbucks and when entering the smell of coffee makes us react in several ways, some verbally saying “that rich smells,” others think it, or simply enjoying the smell is a mission accomplished for marketing Sensorial

Zinnzeo, a Canadian brand of cinnamon rolls tries to locate many of its shops on islands within shopping malls and from meters away you can smell the freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

One can avoid turning to see an ad that does not interest you, or avoid touching things that claim to make us react, but ask the nose to stop smelling something inside a store, or around it, is difficult. Smells mark our lives, make us remember moments, places and people in our lives. Smell is the invisible tool used by marketing with great success.

According to studies conducted marketing applied to businesses can boost sales from 30% to 40%.


The case of the Zara clothing store chain. To this day, I cannot imagine Zara without music. These places set their stores in a musical way creating a pleasant atmosphere for buyers by inviting them to stay longer and increase the possibility of purchase. One key is to know the target market target and adapt the music to it.

Another example is the ring tone of Nokia, which in any country or language is recognizable. Smart, right?


Images on social networks that are easily digested, cause emotions and share easily. Advertising images on the Internet that without much text manage to capture our attention, colors of illumination of stores.

A great example of taking advantage of the sense of sight as a marketing strategy is Geico, a US auto and motorcycle insurance company that has dramatically increased its sales, ranking as number one in sales after replacing insurance agents buy a lizard. This great case of success was studied and it was shown that people preferred Geico insurance, despite being more expensive because the lizard had a tender and pleasant expression given by his large eyes and wide forehead; An image that conveyed confidence to its customers influencing the purchase decision


There is a chain of very large clothing stores named C & A, whose main business is evidently the clothes but they happened to sell in the center of the store Papitas with chile and lemon in glass, it is a snack of the liking of many people that generates a Sense of taste and satisfaction to the sense of taste. In fact, when you try this type of snacks in other places it reminds you of the potatoes they sell at C & A.


There is a strategy already commonly used in business cards with volume in ink or logo, with distinctive materials to the touch. There are also hotels with blankets in the bed of very soft materials that awaken pleasant sensations to touch them and make associate positive ideas relating to the stay in this hotel.

What You Need to Start a Sensorial Marketing Business.

Develop the concept of your activity, if you are going to musicalize, ambiance with smell or well, which areas you will cover of the sensorial marketing.

Create your image, name, website, detail your services.

Carry out a detailed study of your client to know the audience to which it is directed and to know in particular which music goes according to its public and image.

Know music or have consultants to implant the best music in your customers’ establishments.

Know or have appropriate suppliers to implement technology of musical systems in stores. There are some that can be monitored via the internet. As well as systems to aromatize the business of your customers.

You can choose to create unique aromas to offer them to your customers. The fact that they are unique will give you a plus since, in the same way, you will offer your customers unique aromas that your customers will only smell in your business. There are perfumers who are dedicated to the development of scents and essences that you can offer your customers. Or you can choose to use existing aromas especially those of food (citrus, chocolate, vanilla)

Business plan to know in detail the activities, mission, objective and financial data to undertake this idea. That initially is not required much since the necessary infrastructure is minimal.