6 more French style secrets

Following on from our last blog about French style secrets, here are six more to really help you achieve that effortless French chic style that we all want. From embracing our faults to changing what we eat and drink, its surprisingly easy to achieve French chic.

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1. Ditch the tap water

It’s little surprise that the world’s most famous mineral waters come from France, such as Evian and Vichy. These waters are packed with minerals and salts that help make you skin look great.

2. The French diet

Switching to a more Mediterranean diet that includes plenty of protein in the form of fish and chicken as well as a variety of salads and vegetables will do wonders for your skin.

3. Learn the secrets of facial massage

Doing your own facial massage has long been a part of every stylish French woman’s weekly skin routine. Don’t just leave this to your beauty therapist for your once yearly facial, do it every week when you do a face mask at home.

4. Know who you are

French women know who they are, and they know their faults too. Have you ever noticed how a less than commercially-beautiful woman in France still manages to look, chic, stylish and attractive? This is because they embrace their faults and make sure everything else is tip top. Big nose? So what, wear it with pride and make sure your hair looks great by using a really good shampoo like the Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo which is available from http://www.lifeandlooks.com/rene-furterer-forticea-stimulating-shampoo.html.

5. Self confidence

In fact the key to embracing your faults is to feel confident in yourself. French women put themselves down a lot less than us British women do, instead they accepting their faults and concentrate on loving what’s good about them. In fact, far beyond a perfect figure, a symmetrical face and fabulous make-up, the key secret of looking attractive is self-confidence.

6. Highlighting secrets

Whilst the Kardashians have the world running away with the concept of contouring, the French have been doing something easier and more natural looking for years – highlighting. Invest in a really quality highlighter and dab it down the centre of your forehead and nose, above your eyebrows and along your cheekbone for a stunning natural glow and illuminated features.