5 things to know about an ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning is a wonder of the technological age, harnessing the power of sound wave induced bubbles to clean all kinds of items, from window blinds and aircraft components to delicate items such as jewellery or even food. Here are some more vital facts about ultrasonic cleaning.

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Solutions and surface tension

There are a number of cleaning solutions that can be used in an ultrasonic machine, and frequently water is the solvent. Different solutions will give different results, and it is important to choose one suited to the machine, and with an appropriate level of water tension. To find out more about the science of water tension, see this report in The Guardian.

Cleaning times are not all the same when using ultrasonic machines. Cycle times can differ depending on the machine, the type of cleaning being carried out, and how ingrained the dirt is. To get the best results, it generally pays to follow a series of steps which include pre-rinsing to remove some of the contaminants. This is generally followed by putting the items in the ultrasonic tank, though with some machines you can treat items in a sink. After this step, there may be some final cleaning, which may not be necessary if the correct cleaning solution was used.

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Versatility and range

A huge variety of items can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, from surgical instruments to big engine parts. Ultrasonic cleaners can tackle brittle items and tools and there are some cleaners which can even be used for cleaning soiled clothing.

Most quality ultrasonic cleaners today come with a warranty, although certain guidelines must be followed, such as using sufficient cleaning fluid and not using cleaning solutions of very high acidity or high alkalinity to maintain validity.

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Ultrasonic cleaning can provide a range of highly effective cleaning solutions. The important thing is to match the cleaning job required with the right machine, and discussing your needs with an expert should enable you to make the right choice.