5 Plugins To Improve SEO Of Your WordPress Site

As a WordPress user, you might wonder how you can achieve a better search engine positioning for your blog or site. Here we review 5 great plugins to improve SEO of your WordPress site, adding goals description and keywords for each page, increasing the density of internal links or generating an XML sitemap.

All in One SEO Pack

By default, WordPress does not provide you with an easy way to set the Meta description and keywords for each page or post independently. Provide appropriate description and include specific keywords for the page content, is key to the SEO of your site. This plugin includes the area of writing posts or pages a panel with different fields to enter keywords and Meta description. It also prevents duplicate content and set your canonical not to dilute the PageRank of your site URL. Works with custom post types in WP.

SEO Friendly Images

The Alt image attributes are crucial for optimizing image search, and if you have a photo or design blog should take them into account. This plugin automatically generates alt and title attributes to all your images using a combination of post title and the name of the image.

Search Engine Query in WordPress

Most visitors to your website from search engines like Google leave your site after consuming the content they were looking for. This plugin helps mitigate this behavior suggesting the user to related posts or pages based on the terms used in the search and which came to your page.

Google XML Sitemaps

Generates the XML sitemap for better indexing of your blog by the search engines, allowing them to know the structure of your site. In addition, Google Webmaster tools you can add the XML sitemap to Google to send the URL of your site that has not yet indexed.

SEO Smart Links

This plugin aims to increase the density of internal links on your site links suggesting specific words in your content and comments pointing to other posts or page of your site.

Before closing, let us remember that efficient SEO is not about tricking the search engines. Google algorithms are very intelligent and cannot be easily deceived by simply filling keyword text posts. Good SEO is simply structure your site so that it is easier for search engines to index your content and appreciate the structure of your site.