3 Tips for International Moving

Did you just get a new job? A new job assignment? Did you spouse just get a great opportunity and you’re moving to support them? Moving internationally can be excited but also very nerve-wrecking. Throughout the process, though, you need to remember to remain positive because you shouldn’t be moving abroad if you feel that the move has more negative aspects than positive. That being said, make sure the whole family is on board and you’re mentally prepared for this move. Even if it’s just a state or neighbouring country away, you’re still uprooting yourself and others.

To ensure that the move goes smoothly, you need to remember these 5 important international moving tips:

1. Get Organized: Before packing, sort all your belongings. Create piles for your clothes, your electronics, and other miscellaneous items. Once you’ve paired the right wires to the right electronics, and the right sock to its other half, you’ll be able to clearly see how much stuff you have. International packing very different to regular packing because you actually need to create an entire checklist of what is in each of the boxes. Then the boxes need to labelled and secured then shipped. Things can get lost as well so you might as well make sure you know exactly what’s missing so you can claim insurance.

2. Minimize: After getting organized, you need to see whether you want to take all those things. Do you really need to take your cutlery and pots and pans? Do you really need to take your entire library collection? Will you be moving your heavy furniture or can you budget to buy new furniture in the country you’re moving to? These are all important questions to ask because international shipping and packing can be very expensive. Everything is charged based on weight and volume. You would want to have as little bags and boxes as possible. If your company is paying for it, then go for it, but even they have a limit of how much they can give you as a moving allowance.
3. Find the right moving company: There are many moving companies out there that claim to do international shipping, but you need to be careful because there have been many cases where these companies have overcharged, lost containers, and straight out ripped off their customers. Look for certifications and don’t just go by the logo being placed on their website. Actually verify with the issuing authority to see if they’re listed. Professional international companies should also provide all the information you may need for moving abroad down to all the details you need to know in your host country such as where schools are and what areas you should look at for your new home. These companies should help you every step of the way from coming to your home to give you an official quote to make sure all your things are delivered to your new residence.
Follow these tips and ask your friends about what they learned when moving abroad before you make the big step. It requires a lot of time and a lot of planning, so don’t skimp out on it!