10 alternative ideas for a stag do

Forget simply organising a few beers and a sleazy night at a dancing bar, treat your best mate to something different for his big night with one of these alternative stag do ideas.

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1. Stuntman Training

You don’t need to wait for the beers to start flowing before one of you takes a tumble. Start those falls even earlier in the day with a unique afternoon of stuntman training!

2. Football Session with a Legend

You probably didn’t know that this is possible, but a number of ex-stars are boosting their retirement pots by offering football training sessions with groups.

3. Tank Driving

Forget real battles, just enjoy an afternoon of Nottingham tank driving with https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/, and then return to the safety of civilian life in this vibrant city, considered one of the top destinations in the UK.

4. Bushcraft Weekend

Forget Amsterdam and Prague, the best weekends take place in a forest with nothing to keep you company but a fire, your mates and a large number of tinnies.

5. Zombie Bootcamp

This one is not for the faint-hearted. The activity takes place in a derelict house and includes training missions and zombie fighting sessions.

6. Escape Room

These ‘Escape Rooms’ have started popping up in many major cities in western Europe. The challenge is to escape from the locked room with the slimmest of clues to guide you. Part Crystal Maze, part something much scarier, you’ll need your wits to get out. Escape Room is a great way to get the adrenaline going before the evening ahead.

7. Trampoline Cave

Available in both Chester and Llangollen, two huge underground caves have been filled with trampolines. A good one for a groom who doesn’t want anything too ‘blokey’.

8. Gladiator Training

Ok you need to get on a plane for this one, but training to be a gladiator in the Coliseum is well worth it.

9. AK-47 Training

Another foreign adventure and this time a little further – AK-47 training in Moscow with genuine ex-members of the KGB.

10. Gentlemanly Grooming

Not all men want to spend the day getting muddy and tired. Some would prefer to have a posh grooming session at a Mayfair barber, complete with wet shave or beard grooming.