Home remedies for treating the bacterial vaginosis

A common vaginal infection that most of the women suffered from is bacterial vaginosis. There are many good and bad bacteria present in vagina of women. When an imbalance occurs between bad and good bacteria occurs a mild infection will occur in the reproductive system of women. A few frequent symptoms are vaginal discharge along with itching, fishy odor and pain in urination. It is not sure that the factors that lead to imbalance in the bacteria. There are some factors that can increase the risk of infection and it includes excessive smoking, douching, multiple and partner. Even though it is not a serious issue it can be considered before treatment. For people who are looking for bacterial vaginosis home treatment following are some of the home remedies that can help in treating the bv. Apple vinegar is a best home remedy to treat bacterial vaginosis. Apple cider vinegar with acidic can help in increasing the vaginal acidity and this makes it tough for bacteria in surviving.

Women with bv can add 1 or 2 cups apple cider vinegar in their bath water and sit in the water for 20 minutes. By doing this daily the condition of bacterial vaginosis improves. Yogurt is another home remedy that can be used for treating bv in women. Yogurt has beneficial bacteria called lactobacillus that can help in fighting off the bad bacteria present in vagina and help in maintaining the healthy vagina with good pH balance. In this bacterial vaginosis home-treatment, women need to apply the yogurt dipped cotton pad on the vaginal area. They should leave it for about 30 minutes to treat bad bacteria and then wash it using the fresh water. By doing this thrice a day the conditions will get improved. Even women can eat two cups of yogurt daily in order to restore the pH balance of vagina and reduce the development of bacteria.


Tree tea oil has natural antibacterial and also antifungal that can help in killing the germs causing the bacterial vaginosis. This can also fight with the bad smell that comes with the vaginal discharge. In this type of bacterial vaginosis home treatment, women need to add drops of natural tree tea oil in a bowl containing warm water. They have to make use of this solution to rinse their vagina. By doing this daily a time for about four weeks the condition can be improved. Garlic is another home remedy that contains natural antibiotic which can help in treating bv. The antifungal properties of garlic also help in controlling the bad bacteria. By crushing some garlic cloves, smearing it on the affected vaginal areas and leaving it for about 20 minutes and rinsing it with water can also aid in controlling the bad bacteria level in vagina.

Fenugreek is more beneficial in treating the bacterial vaginosis. This will help in improving the pH level and boost up the immune system to increase while remedy process. Women can soak seeds in the water at night and thin drink this water morning with an empty stomach. This is another bacterial vaginosis home treatment that can improve the condition within few months. Milk contains the bacteria called lactobacillus that is the excellent cure for this problem in women. In addition to this milk can enhance the immune power. Women can insert a milk dipped tampon in the vagina and remove it after an hour. By doing this daily for about several days they can relieve from the symptoms of bv.