Good Apps For Car Repair

Apps are a blessing when it comes to many traditionally mundane tasks. There are literally apps for everything: Flashlight apps. Money tracking apps. Credit card apps. Apps that teach survival skills. Many practical tasks are made easier through the use of apps on your smart phone. Car repair is a tricky business, because many people do not know much about how to repair their car, yet most people have a car. So that provides an easy in for people who do know a lot about cars, such as mechanics, to take quite a big advantage of the people who don’t know much about repairing cars. Many people feel that they get ripped off when they go to a mechanic, because they have no other option but to trust that they know what they are saying.

This is another problem in the medical field. Since most people don’t have the advanced knowledge that doctors have, many problems must be solved by simply trusting someone else. That’s why websites like WebMD have taken off with such popularity: because it brings the knowledge and the trust out into the forefront. This is the same with the Internet and car repairs. Most information about car repairs can be found on the Internet now in the form of YouTube videos or written tutorials on blogs. There are many apps that people can also use to help repair their car.

RepairPal is one great app for people to use when they are looking to repair their car. This app compares car repair shops, not just using reviews like an app like Yelp. It also has its own standard of quality that a shop is judged on, also using a geographical distance rating system. This is not just a normal comparison app, it has modernized itself from the crowd, making it stand out. People don’t just want to hear what others have to say about a shop, because while that is useful, it can often be biased and not contain information that people need to know about a place to make a decision.

Car Minder Plus is another great car maintenance app. This app reminds you when you need to get basic maintenance done to your car. You add all the information about your car into the app at first, and then it will remind you when you need to do basic things like get your tires rotated or oil changed. You can upload the data for multiple cars, as well, which can be convenient if you own more than one car and forget when you need to bring each car in for maintenance.

Help I Crashed My Car is another strange, yet useful app that helps connect you with all the resources that you would need after a car crash. Might want to install this one on your teen driver’s smartphone, just in case…

These are just three great apps for car repairs. There are many good apps out there that also help make owning a car easier, even an app that allows you to virtually blow up traffic, for those of you who need a release from road rage.