If you take seriously play with the PC, these mouse are a great investment

If we compare the past and present of the mouse for PC we will surely surprise you: its evolution has been dramatic, from timid little mouse fierce much-improved super-mouse. All technology has evolved to be faster, more accurate and more functions.

Today we will broach the subject of the mouse to play, those that are usually categorized as gaming. Sometimes expensive but on many other occasions fairly cheap, a good mouse peripheral is a fundamental not only to play comfortably but also for everyday use. What should we consider?

If you take seriously play with the PC, these mouse are a great investment

What features to consider?

Since then they have become quite complex elements for the novice in the field. There is a few dollars mouse that fulfills their function, although it is obvious that those who spend long hours at the screen in front of a mouse appreciate quality.

Perhaps the most important feature is ergonomics, closely linked with the design. The shapes and curves, and especially how it fits the hand. There is mouse with amazing ways amazing how comfortable they are. The ease of use is essential since the mouse is one of the two methods of computer input (the other would be the keyboard, we will talk about it soon).

How to assess whether a mouse is comfortable? There is no universal measure due to differences between mouse themselves and, above all, in the sizes of the hands of everyone. Personally, I like a big mouse with design separate the different buttons, although this is nothing more than a subjective assessment. The ideal is; if possible, try in-situ mouse that interests you, either in a store (many establishments they have test models for the public “the touch”) or a friend’s house.

Another interesting aspect is the connectivity, where basically we have two categories: wired mouse and wireless mouse. Some models – generally higher end – are wireless but the cable can be connected, ideal to avoid times when we were unloaded.

Which to choose? A few years ago was torture choose a wireless mouse (constant connectivity issues involving that occasionally is “disconnected”, something unthinkable in the middle of a game, they used to use specific emitters connected by USB) but recognize that in the today are quite reliable. If you choose a wireless is important to check what your system battery: rechargeable internal battery via a base or the conventional batteries, ideally, the first choice.

If we make wired mouse get to save a few dollars (depending on the model, although usually they are more affordable than wireless) in exchange for being ‘tied’. If this is not a drawback, forward: smooth or battery autonomy without any disconnections. Usually, mouse gaming typically includes cables up to two meters, more than enough to avoid jerks.

We spent talking about a very common feature in mouse gaming, and that is quite novel with a distance of a few years: the programmable buttons are a constant in all gaming mouse ‘category’. Some only offer a few buttons, others more than ten. Each manufacturer implements its freely programmable buttons, including the location in the mouse itself and the possibilities offered. All are customizable through software (some admit profiling, others not …) and generally offer a very similar experience. Are you going to need programmable buttons? What position would you like they were located? With these two questions, you will make an important screen and stay with a few models.

The weight of the mouse for example often greatly affects the experience. If you buy a new mouse will need to pass a first phase to get used to its weight, and thus calculate the necessary to move it (remember that there is also a frictional force motivated by contact with the surface force, and though not enough each mouse it is a world in this figure). If you’re not sure what you’re preferred there are also some mouse that supports small weights to play with the total weight and adapt to what we like. At first, it will cost target in the last Call of Duty, then you do headshots like hotcakes.

Finally, another key element: the mat, but not enough, it is essential as it helps precisely one of the points mentioned in the previous paragraph: help move more effectively the mouse, the changes in the sensors are not abrupt and generally provide better performance. Worth investing in a good mat as there are models of high quality for about 10 dollars. Size (there is half a meter in length), construction material (fabric, plastic, metal …) or thickness (ideal thinner, right?) Are some of the parameters that need to keep in mind?

And there are many other features that may be taken into consideration. The sensitivity of course (although people usually do not play maximum values if not in lower-middle typically 1500 to 2000 dpi.), the cable itself (twisted for the purists), connectors (some brands offer them a bath gold to improve connectivity), colors (lighting is more fashionable than ever) and, of course, you like its design.

Our selection of the best mouse

There are dozens, hundreds of existing models on the market, and we refer only to mouse brands defined as gaming. If it is true that you can play with any mouse, even with such propaganda shaped car and light, but that is not the subject of our article today. Here we propose our selection of mouse to play with comments anabasis open for your favorite…

Razer Naga Epic Chroma

Perhaps one of the most curious mouse on the market is the Razer Naga Epic Chroma and twelve programmable buttons on the side. An earlier version (although with a similar design) went through our analysis with some great results: comfy mouse and should be ready if you want to tituplén are programmable buttons.

Roccat Kone

A German brand that has come very strongly, and has in the Roccat Kone your mouse family gaming more interesting. Not one, not two or three models, but a total of eight available in the official very similar catalog, each with small specific differences, here we analyze the Kone Pure and is one of those simple mouse but with very good performance .

Razer Deathadder

If the Naga mentioned earlier we remove the programmable buttons have resulted in the Razer Deathadder. Much simpler, it has the same design and ergonomics – and therefore comfort is virtually identical – but many programmable buttons and also cheaper and also with left – handed version, which also have the right to play.

Logitech G300

Logitech is one of the brands most traditional markets of mouse and of course could not miss in this list. In its catalog, you have the Logitech G300, a veteran who was presented in 2010 and that can make treats for those who have a high budget.

Mad Catz RAT 3

Another veteran who analyzed in 2012 but well deserves to be mentioned is the Mad Catz RAT 3, the simplest family of Mad Catz (then talk about one of its older brothers) and it is very striking that way so unusual, but at the same time provides a sublime comfort for a price great.

Corsair Vengeance M65

Corsair is one of the covered markets, which has some sublime though little-known products. One of them is the Corsair Vengeance M65 characterized by it’s (extremely comfortable) and the huge button on the side called sniper button, a very simple but very robust mouse.

Logitech G502

The second mention of the Swiss brand is the Logitech G502 ‘Proteus Core’, a fairly recent mouse (presented last April) with a unique design, system of weights and sensitivity up to 12000 dpi. Its next lower model is the G402, also a very attractive option.

Razer Ouroboros

Possibly one of the most expensive but also more comprehensive mouse on the market is Razer Ouroboros, one that passed by analysis in February 2013. Wireless or wired, includes several accessories to modify its ergonomics and a system modular which allows, for example, do more or less long.

Mad Catz RAT TE

We said above and here it is: Mad Catz RAT TE (Tournament Edition) is characterized by its lighter model because, according to them, the use of a new material for their chassis. Continues to have that as flashy format (although it is somewhat larger than the RAT 3), wiring and great for those who have in mind a little mouse weight.

SteelSeries Sensei

And we end with the SteelSeries Sensei, which once again consists of several models: the wireless and the [RAW] more affordable and the ‘normal’, the original version to which we refer here. A simple mouse tremendously, and that sometimes it is precisely in virtue of simplicity.

What is your favorite?

Here we have made a brief selection of the most representative models from the world of a gaming mouse, but not more than that: a point selection. The universe of the mouse to play is much broader, and is why we want to ask you: what is your favorite mouse? What Mouse surprised you? Comments are open so that you anabasis everything you deem necessary.