FAQ About Carpet Cleaning

Rugs are one of the few objects used by people all over the world regardless of their cultural background, economic status and social level. Some people give priority to practical matters and others give gravity to decoration, but there is not a single house in State that doesn’t have even a small cheap rug or doormat. In fact, many households in City own rugs, which date many years back and most likely will be used for many more years in the future, too. One of the main reasons for the long lasting of these rugs is the easiness of residential carpet cleaning and the fact that it will only take a little attention to breathe life into your carpets.

How many times must I clean my carpets each week?

There is not a general rule since the frequency would depend from foot trafficking and other factors, such as whether you have pets at home or the textile of the rugs. As an overall, home carpet cleaning must be done twice a week and include thorough vacuuming, but if you have Persian rugs or there is limited circulation at home one time will be sufficient. In special cases, as kid’s rugs, rug cleaning must be done daily.

What are the worst enemies of my carpets?

Moisture and fire can destroy the fibers and the intense light can cause discoloration. It’s important to do mold inspection regularly, avoid placing the rugs next to the fireplace, especially without fire protection, and refrain from placing them close to grand openings, where they can be exposed to the sunlight for many hours daily.

What must I do in case of a flood?

If you have a flood at home, you must remove the rugs from the floor as quickly as possible. You must take care of the flood problem right away and keep the rugs outside. Carpet water restoration is a time consuming task since you must clean the rugs thoroughly, especially if they were soaked with dirty waters, and let them dry completely before you place them back on the floor again. Of course, you must check the floor for possible signs of moisture and do mildew inspection on your carpets, too.

How will I do mold removal?

If you detect signs of mildew, you possibly have a plumbing problem and you don’t know it. The problem will affect the condition of your carpets and help the growth of germs and fungi, which will affect your health. Hence, you must find the origins of the problem and deal with it. Then you must use some warm water and detergent to clean off the mold signs and repeat the procedure of mold damage cleanup and repair till the problem is solved. Even if your efforts are successful, you must check the condition of your carpets for the next few weeks to ensure that the mold did vanish.