Month: November 2019

Enjoy Being at Work with an Office Makeover

We spend a long time at the office – More time in fact than we probably spend in our bed at night! So why not treat it with the same consideration when it [...]

Is there a roofer in your genes?

Do you love working outdoors? Are you not afraid of heights and have good balance? Then maybe you could be a roofer. Whilst there are no formal educational [...]

Rent a production kitchen for these reasons

Finding, fitting out and maintaining a professional kitchen is a major challenge for many food businesses, especially when they are just starting out. Many [...]

Watch for these Digital Security Trends

A number of high-profile data breaches happened including one in the NHS, continuing the conversation over the importance of data security and increasing the [...]

Understanding Flat Roofing Terminology

As a homeowner, if you decide a flat roof is the best solution for any area of your home, you might be confused by which type of flat roof you need or [...]

What happens inside your body when you exercise?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body during a workout at the gym? Whether a person engages in exercise for weight loss, to stay healthy or simply [...]