Some innovative business models

One of the tasks that any professional business responsibilities should address periodically, whether CEO of a company in the Fortune 100, entrepreneur budding CEO of a newly created startup or CEO of an SME Director is questioning its business model, it says how it intends to operate and obtain money (or social value, in the case of an NGO). This not only [...]

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Domestic production business ideas from handicrafts to severe production!

You know how to work well without bosses? Can you imagine what it is the way to and from work, which occupies about one minute of time? A lunch in the kitchen? If you do not [...]

Internet of things and smart home

smart home
50 billion connected devices… What is also known as "internet of things" will be a new revolution in our lives. In addition, do not think that there is much for it. Experts [...]

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the Prius SUV

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
Time flew since Toyota launched the fashion of urban SUV with the first -generation RAV4 (1994), with its body 3-door sporty and compact dimensions. Toyota will return to this [...]

What nobody will tell you about riding a startup

There are hundreds of millions of guides on almost everything related to undertaking and mount a startup, but most of them focus on the most "logical" aspects of the process: [...]