6 Reasons to Build a Timber Frame House

Timber has been used to build high quality buildings and homes centuries. A great example of the durability of timber framed buildings is the historic Temple of Nara, which is over one thousand years old and still considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings on Earth.


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To this very day, many people embarking on a build will opt for a timber frame construction. That’s because, timber is often more flexible, provides better insulation and is more cost effective than other building materials.

If you’re still not convinced by the benefits of this versatile wood, here are six compelling reasons why you should consider a timber framed house.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Timber has a positive CO2 balance, it uses green solar energy to grow and, during photosynthesis, just one cubic meter of timber locks away one ton of environmentally damaging greenhouse gasses. On top of this, timber requires a small amount of primary energy during the build and can save another ton of greenhouse gasses when used as an alternative to other building materials.

Save on Your Energy Bills

With energy bills rising each year, it’s more important than ever to keep costs to a minimum. Wood is 15 times better at insulating than concrete and 400 times better than steal. The structure of wood allows it to conduct heat, meaning timber frame buildings require less energy for heating and cooling.

Sustainable Building Solution

Timber is the ultimate sustainable material. In most countries, timber grows a lot quicker than it can be used and many governments have policies to ensure more timber is regrown than felled.

Specifications and Construction Times

QTF provides timber frame constructions – along with a growing number of firms – which can be manufactured to customers’ requirements. Contemporary building techniques mean timber frames can be assembled very quickly, saving on construction costs.

Kind to Your Body

Timber houses promote a comfortable and healthy environment. Timber is hygroscopic and diffusible, and a timber frame construction will filter the air to provide a fresh climate while also acting as a natural humidifier.

Design with No Limits

Using timber as the primary building material allows for infinite design possibilities. Bespoke frames can be designed for each customers’ needs and customised upon construction to make for a truly unique finish.