Why Public Speaking Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Most people will know that presenting doesn’t have to be perfect. It is true as audiences are often very forgiving. People who present their ideas or thoughts on stages experience fear, nervousness, and anxiety and the audience understands this. Their behaviour, such as taking deep breaths or talking too fast, is an expression of these feelings. Traditional public speaking advice articles typically contain a long list of ways to behave while on stage. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore these feelings and behaviors altogether. Instead, focus on the point at hand – delivering your message with clarity and passion.

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As with any skill, practice makes perfect. Join a public speaking course or Train the trainer courses and practice giving presentations to others. Find out more at https://www.collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk/courses/train-the-trainer

You can also volunteer to speak in front of groups at work. Try to cross-train colleagues from another department or volunteer to speak in team meetings. Create materials and deliver presentations well in advance of the date. That way, you will have more time to practice. This will help you build confidence and overcome nervousness.

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Being prepared before a speech will help to reduce your anxiety. This will include writing down the content you want to convey and making an outline of your speech. By being prepared, you will avoid any last minute panic attacks. You can also use a supportive and encouraging message when giving your speech. If you have extreme anxiety, you should consider seeking help from a trained professional. In addition to practicing, you can also learn how to give a speech that is both memorable and well-received.