Home Extension Ideas

The property market is booming at the moment – with the stamp duty holiday, people eager to take advantage are opting to up sticks and move house whilst it makes financial sense to. But if you hate moving or actually enjoy the home and area that you live in, but need more space, what do you do? Well, you build an extension of course!

Before you just plough into it, you will want to give it a great deal of thought. Ask people who have had extensions if they can recommend any builders to you, and use reputable companies such as this double glazed windows Swindon based supplier https://www.kingfisherwindows.org.uk/ to make sure that you get the extension of your dreams, not your nightmares!

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Here are a few ways that you can extend your home if you are looking for some inspiration…

Add an Extra Bedroom – The number of bedrooms is one of the selling points of a home and one extra bedroom can add significant value to your property. You don’t have to build outwards into the garden either – a loft conversion is a great way to add an extra bedroom.

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Add a Conservatory – A conservatory adds an additional room, as well as flooding your home with lots of light which can only be a good thing. Whether you use it for a dining room or a playroom, a conservatory is a great addition to the home.

A Bigger Kitchen – A large kitchen is a fantastic addition to the house and makes it a family friendly home. If you did want to sell your property in the future a big kitchen is a big selling point.