When only a forklift will do

If you work or run a warehouse you will be used to the site of forklifts like the ones you can find from a Plant Hire Leicester company such as https://harboroughhire.uk/ moving around your building. They are pieces of machinery that are used by many in construction and industry. Here are some interesting facts about the forklift.

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  • In 1989 a forklift broke a world record by lifting an impressive 90 tonnes.
  • It would take around 3000 fork lift trucks to lift the Eiffel Tower.
  • A forklift truck is much better than lifting a box yourself. A 10 kg box lifted can cause 180kg of compressive force on your lower back, whereas a forklift would make incredibly light work of a 10 kg box.

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  • Forklifts are very similar to spiders legs in that they both use a form of hydraulic pressure to work.
  • Over 1 million forklift trucks are ordered for use each year in the industrial industry.
  • A forklift truck was used by thieves to steal an ATM. They took it clean out of the wall although they were quickly caught as a forklift does not travel at high speeds.

So next time you jump onto a forklift think about all these wonderful facts.