Things to think about when planning an extension

Party wall

If building an extension involves establishing or excavating foundations in 3m of boundaries, party walls or excavation of foundations within 6m of the boundary, the job will require you to comply with the Party Wall Act.


How easy will it be for deliveries to be made to your home when building an extension? You have to consider how the trucks would access the property and unload materials and big items. You should also consider where builders are going to park and store their tools, for example. For House Extensions Birmingham, visit a site like ifurb, suppliers of House Extensions Birmingham

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Existing services

Do not forget to check utilities before building an extension. It could be a costly assumption to think that existing plumbing, heating and electrics will cope seamlessly when servicing extra space in terms of lighting and heating, for example.

Other important aspects to consider before you get to the construction phase include:

soil conditions at the site


surrounding trees

history of flooding

right of way

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Do I Need Planning Permission?

Not necessarily. In many cases, you will be able to build an extension to the Permitted Development that allows certain work to be done to your home providing you meet the following criteria:

It is possible to extend by 8m from the rear of the property separately if the extension is one storey or by 3m if it’s two floors.

A single-storey extension must not go taller than 4m on the ridge and roof, and any extension cannot be higher than the existing property.