Signs that you could have a rodent problem

1. Chew Marks

Are you often finding suspicious marks on things like wood, boxes and any other material? Rats and mice of all varieties and sizes are known to chew on everything including cables!

2. Musky Smells

A rat infestation is usually accompanied with a musky smell. This odour tends to grow stronger as the infestation worsens.

3. Rotting Odour

If the rodents die inside a property, there could be evidence of an unpleasant and strong rotting smell. It is highly recommended that a licensed pest control professional is contacted to locate and dispose of dead rodents because they present a considerable health risk. For Essex Pest Control, visit a site like

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4. Strange Behaviour from pets

If your dog or cat is scratching on the wall or acting erratic in certain areas of the house, it could be a sign of rodents. Make a note of where they exhibit this behaviour, which is great information to provide pest technicians when they inspect your home.

5. Droppings

Rodent droppings are one of the most common signs of identifying a rodent infestation. The droppings that mice leave behind are usually no more than ¼ ” in length, little and a darkish brown in colour, with a pointed end. Rat droppings are bigger and up to around ¾ “, the shape dependant on the specific type of rat. If you decide to clear away droppings, always wear a face mask and gloves.

6. Tracks

Footprints are another giveaway that you might have small furry unwelcome visitors. Look for tracks in dusty areas or high up on top of shelving, for example.

7. Holes

Both rats and mice will often gnaw through thin walls or materials and make visible holes as a way of making fresh entry points, exits and different routes to get around.

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8. Allergies

It is often hard to determine the cause of an allergy but allergies from pests can often be overlooked. Feathers and rodent droppings can actually cause an allergic reaction in some people. 97% of allergy experts believe that a home free from pests can alleviate existing allergy problems.

9. Grease Marks

Oil in mice fur can make grease marks, or lines, on the surface they have walked in. Look for signs like this when checking for rodents.

10. Noise

Running, gnawing and scratching are all possible sounds you might hear when you have a rodent issue in your home or business. Sounds are often heard in the attic, ceilings and inside walls.

Rodent infestations can be both expensive and dangerous. If you think you might have an infestation or believe you are susceptible to one, do not hesitate to pest control services.