House Hunter’s Wish List

Every house hunter should have an important wish list. What is it you desire that’s missing from your current home? Perhaps you need more storage, a bigger garden, more privacy or a place to park? When you bought your current home, maybe these things weren’t a priority then, but your family has changed since then. Perhaps you were so in love with certain features that you didn’t notice the missing ones? Sometimes these things can be fixed and sometimes, you just outgrow a place and need a new one. Here are some important things you should include on your wish list:


Nobody has ever complained about too many storage places. When you’re viewing a property be sure to look closely at the storage. Sometimes interiors can be staged to hide the fact that they’ve got little storage. Get the tape measure out and compare it to what you have currently. Unless you’re actually down-sizing, you won’t want less space than you have now. Check that there are plenty of kitchen cupboards, good-sized closets, ample counter space and enough room for all your appliances. For Houses for sale Cheltenham, visit


When you’re seriously interested in a property, you should try to do a practice run in rush-hour to see how long it takes you to get to work and back from the new property. Surprisingly, many people fall in love with a house but don’t factor in changes to the daily commute. It could be that you want a home close to good public transport links or even within walking distance of work and amenities. Whatever your motivation, don’t overlook the location and how this will impact on your time and wallet.

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The property might be perfect but if you’ve nowhere to park your vehicles or have visitors, the place will soon start to feel like a curse. You might be prepared to sacrifice this to have a dream home but just be aware of the ramifications. If there is only street parking available, you just might need to plan your trips a bit more in case you lose your spot if it’s a busy street. Some neighbourhoods also have parking regulations, so you’ll want to check these out before you commit to buy.


Check that you have adequate privacy as many people don’t realise just how overlooked they are until they move in. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment but if possible, spend some time in the property and take a good look at the view from each window. How much can you see into other neighbouring properties and how much can they see of you? Walk through the home and think about your daily routine. Ask yourself if the property suits you and the way you like to live your life.