6 Christmas Markets In Spain

We propose a warm visit for the 6 Christmas markets in Spain that are worth discovering. At this time of year the main cities of the country adorn their most beautiful squares for visitors and residents alike.

1. Mercadillo of the Plaza Mayor, Madrid

If there is a Christmas market in Spain that enjoys a special predilection for the inhabitants of the country and the capital, that is the market of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. An iconic place that adorns itself every year with its best places for the enjoyment of all the visitors of the Villa.

The market of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid is important, as it is the oldest of all Christmas markets are held in the capital. In addition, it is located in the historical heart of the city with more than 100 different places and is open for more than a month.

Obviously, in this market you can browse and purchase typical Christmas products, such as sweets, Bethlehem figurines, tree decorations and many other artisan details created with love and care.

2. Santa Lucia Fair, Barcelona

We continue our review of the Christmas markets in Spain stopping the steps in one of the most charismatic of the country and Catalonia, the Santa Lucia Fair in Barcelona.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the oldest markets in the entire state, since it is celebrated since 1876 and is a wonderful place where you can find everything in regards to Christmas.

Do not forget to visit each and every one of its incredible 250 stalls with figures and craftsmanship that you will only find at the Santa Lucía Fair, hence one of the most important Christmas markets in Spain. In addition, you will not find better “Caganers” anywhere in Catalonia.

3. Mercadillo del Mercado Central, Valencia

We continue to visit the Christmas markets in Spain are worth it. We now travel to another great city, Valencia, where we find the market of the Central Market, another obligatory stop on our route.

In this case, we discover everything necessary for a perfect Christmas in its more than 60 positions: from the figurines of Bethlehem to the typical sweets, and even gingerbread, which can only be purchased in this market for just over a month.

4. Christmas Market, Seville

We leave now to the largest city of Andalusia in our extensive search for Christmas markets in Spain. We stop at the Christmas Market in Seville, which is simply called this and is located in the center of the city.

In this case, the traditional posts are in the plaza of the Alameda and throughout the center of the city. As a peculiarity, in addition to being able to acquire typical sweets and Christmas products, workshops, activities and all kinds of clapping are also offered to strengthen the festive spirit of these dates.

5. Christmas Market, Zaragoza

In a unique and paradigmatic environment of national geography we find one of the most celebrated and beautiful Christmas markets in Spain, the Christmas market of Zaragoza. It rises in the Plaza del Pilar, with the famous basilica as an exceptional witness, and offers the classic Christmas products, both decorative and the usual gastronomy of the time

But, as a distinctive fact, the Christmas market of Zaragoza offers a unique detail in its privileged setting, a real-size crib that delights small and old for its fantastic spectacle.

6. Bailén Street Market, Bilbao

We finish our steps in the most beautiful and attractive Christmas markets in Spain visiting Bilbao, the great capital of Biscay, which offers a wonderful place in the Bailén Street market. Here you will find more than 40 different places in the heart of the city of Bilbao.

You can buy Christmas products along with other typical Basque gastronomy, in a wonderful atmosphere of love and harmony.