5 Rules To Successfully Assemble Flat Pack Furniture

Flat pack furniture or ready-to-assemble furniture is a type of furniture that is purchased in sets of multiple parts that needs to be assembled. It is usually delivered in a packaged box with a set of instruction on how to assemble it.

It can be purchased as furnitures for the living room, office, patio, bedroom, as kitchen cabinets, CD/DVD storage racks, TV/computer stands or tables, bookshelves, bookcases, beds, tables, chairs, organizers and furniture racks.

However, assembling flat pack furniture has been challenging for most people. But if you do it with patience, necessary tools and following the instructions carefully, you’ll be able to assemble the furniture successfully.

Here are 5 rules on how to successfully assemble flat pack furniture:
1. Before assembling the furniture, choose a convenient time where you won’t get disturbed or disrupted. Also make sure that you unpacked the package in a room with plenty of workspace. Ensure that there is enough room for both you and the parts of the furniture. When unpacking, put the cardboards, Styrofoam and plastic on one side. Put all the screws and metal parts on one side and the bigger parts on the other. Do not combine all the materials as you might get confused. Do not throw any of the packaging or contents of the box until the assembling of the furniture is finished. It is best that you are organized throughout the assembling process.
2. Read the instructions carefully. Prepare the necessary tools needed in the assembling process such as screwdriver, wood glue, battery drill, knife, scissors, pliers, hammer and other items that might be needed in assembling the furniture. Check the assembly drawing and lists for further instructions. Check the number of the screws and furniture parts. Make sure that nothing is missing. Also check the condition of the unit parts as some of it might have scratches or defects that might make the assembling difficult.
3. Assemble the pieces one at a time. Start from the base up. Don’t assemble three parts at once. Though multi-tasking might make processes faster, it might make assembling more difficult. Take it one step at a time. Give yourself enough time to finish the first parts of the furniture.
4. When assembling is done, check the quality of the furniture. Check the screws and the balance of the furniture. Put some things on the furniture to test if the furniture will not fall apart. Apply finishing touches. Put the furniture in the desired place.
5. Keep all tools and materials that you used for the assembly. Do not throw out left over parts. Keep these in a safe place along with the instruction, assemblage drawing and list. If by chance you encountered difficulties in assembling, ask for the help and assistance of a professional furniture assembler.