Applying Current Fashion To Your Home Design

It’s a new season and a new start for the world of fashion. When people hear the words “new season” associated with fashion, they instantly think of clothing and little else. Doesn’t fashion extend beyond this though? Many of us have watched ‘60 minute Makeover’ or ‘Superior Interiors’ with an eye to keeping up with the newest and most stylish home trends. And why do we exclude one from the other? Combining the newest looks in the fashion world with the latest ideas in home design could result in some of the most chic homes around.

Classy and Timeless                                                                                                                            
Coming into the world of home design fashion this winter season is the National Wild Trend. This look is synonymous with the classic Scandinavian style, which incorporates elements of nature and sophistication by utilising plenty of warm, simplistic woods to make you feel cosy during the cold winter months. Merging this functional, wooden environment with the on vogue pastel shades would be a great way of bringing a room up to date. A smattering of these understated, ‘in trend’ shades could really brighten up your living space and make it more noticeable, without taking away from the sophistication of the room.

Standing Out
For those of you who are a little more extrovert, there is a current trend that may catch your eye…quite literally. Today, bright and sporty neon’s are very much a part of the fashion world. Which means that those wanting to be a bit more adventurous with their home’s colours and create a noticeable splash don’t need to fear being out of touch, or unfashionable. One home trend coming in this season is the replacement of paint with wallpaper. This can be a great way of injecting the neon colour you want, without trying to get your hands on difficult to find florescent furniture or ornaments. In saying that, there are some great things being done to introduce neon into the world of furniture. Companies like Hancock and Moore have been experimenting with introducing bright, vibrant colours into their range of leather furniture, creating a stunning contrast of colours, which will really help make your house stand out.

Best of Both Worlds
One other trend that is sweeping the fashion world is Egyptian metallic cotton. The great thing about this material is that it can be used to create both Scandinavian sophistication and bright extravagance. This highly versatile and stylish fabric is available in a wide range of colours. Light, classical colours can be used in bedrooms and living room furniture to attach an element of calm and class. Brighter colours may be utilised in pillows and curtains, adding a splash of colour and energy.

There are many different combinations that can add that little bit extra into your home, only some of which I’ve discussed here. But I think we can be sure that if you’re thinking about styling your house and you’re not sure what to do, uniting the ideas of the best fashion designers and the top interior designers can’t do you wrong.