Is SEO An Important Part Of Digital Marketing?

With digital marketing fast evolving as a mega-trend, it’s now essential for entrepreneurs to let their traditional marketing methods take a backseat and jump to the SEO and Social Media bandwagon. If in the early 1980s businesses could well do without a proper website- by the late 2000s those without an aggressive online promotion plan was branded as a clear laggard. Needless to mention, today, it’s more important than ever before, to try and work towards bolstering your online footprint. Digital marketing is one of the most cost effective methods of promoting your product. The traditional campaigning methods can hardly help you analyze so precisely where the leads are generated from and how your audience is behaving after reaching your website. However, there are changes noticed in the immediate digital landscape as well.

An Amazon review or the Google search might influence the purchasing decision of a modern consumer in a major fashion. So what is it that boosts your sales or traffic? The immediate answer to that, even a few years ago, would have been Search Engine Optimization or SEO. However, in the past few years, Social Media engagement has assumed greater importance than it did earlier. Does that mean Search Engine Optimization has lost its significance in the digital environment? May be- yes. May be- no. Though it can’t really be said that Search Engine Optimization should completely be excluded from your digital marketing strategies, old school methods certainly won’t work anymore. The growing importance of Social Media branding for businesses has often led to questions like “Is SEO dead?” “Is there a need to implement novel SEO techniques for digital marketing purposes?” Unlock answers to questions like this here, as we discuss whether SEO has a place in the digital marketing space or not. You can refer to sites for more information regarding digital marketing.

How Does SEO fit in Your Digital Marketing Strategies?

It’s not true that SEO is dead. Search Engine Optimization, refers to the art and science of securing higher website ranking so that it appears higher on search results. However, in the last couple of years its Social Media marketing that has gained momentum in the digital environment and is critical for bolstering visibility of your brand. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have become key platforms where users can interact and express their opinions about particular brands. Social Media interaction if leveraged in the right manner can actually influence brand perception, besides driving traffic to the website. Social Media is crucial for “Search” and the more your brand appears on different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus etc, better are your chances of appearing on search results. Earlier, search was particularly restricted to keyword optimization, tag optimization etc. SEO is clearly changing now as the Google algorithms determining which sites would appear higher- are evolving as well. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, e-mail marketing, content development, blogging, Pay Per Click advertising should all work at tandem in order to propel a particular website.