Three Summer Problems and How to Solve Them

As much as many of us love the summer months, there are some things that can cause us problems as the temperatures rise – here are three things and how to deal with them…

Cooking – Cooking in the summer can be a real challenge – the thought of standing in a kitchen, getting hotter and hotter is enough to fill most people with dread. However, there are lots of quick, easy and healthy recipes that can be used in the summer, which require minimal cooking and are delicious and healthy too.  Going down the route of the hotter Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece will certainly inspire your summer meals – from fresh fish to tasty salads with olives and feta cheese, meals needn’t be boring with minimal cooking! It is a good idea to make sure that you have good quality cookware to hand, such as a non stick frying pan with PTFE coating the best results, and less clean up time after!

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Getting to Sleep – Sleeping is something that many people struggle with in the hotter months. Modern homes in Britain are not designed to let the heat out – in fact, we are more concerned than ever with keeping it in, in a bid to lower our energy bills and use the heating as little as possible! So, when it comes to the summer, many of us can really feel it. However, there are lots of ways that you can get a good night’s sleep, even in the middle of a heatwave. Tips such as closing the curtains during the day to stop the sun getting in, putting ice in your hot water bottle, and even putting the sheets in the fridge are all good ways to keep yourself cool for sleeping at night.

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Insects – The summer is a time when many people complain of insects being around. Many types of insects are at their most active at this time of the year, and as well as being unhygienic in some cases, they can also bite or sting, which can be deadly to some people, or at least irritating to others! Some of the best ways to keep insects at bay include using citronella (many insects are deterred by the smell), as well as keeping doors and windows to the house closed to stop them getting in.