Surface treatments reach every part of our lives

When dealing with surface treatments in industry, electroless nickel coating, PTFE coatings and so on are used in so many different applications, from car manufacture to computing, providing frictionless coatings for bearings and more.

They also deliver exceptional performance in harsh environments, from corrosion protection in deep sea mining to scientific research at the polar caps, protecting vital components and transforming usability.

But surface treatments are also a part of daily life, often in products you would never expect.

Going Fishing?

Millions of people love fishing, whether its kids at the local canal, competition fishing on a large river, or even sea fishing from a boat. But fishing equipment today is a far cry from that of even a few years ago.

Today, fishing lines use the latest PTFE coatings to ensure smooth casting, while the line guides on rods use the same technology. They are not yet using electroless nickel coating for reels, but it is surely not that far away given the protection offered against harsher environments.

Because of the very low friction surface offered by such coatings, treated fishing line can be cast further with less effort. It also reduces the chances of snagging and gives a more dependable result from casts.

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Computer Enthusiasts

Computer gamers love their computers, and there is an entire culture built around custom-built systems that feature water cooling and bespoke cases. PTFE coatings are used throughout computer water cooling systems, sealing joints and providing smooth internals for clean, consistent coolant flow.

For millions of PC gamers, whether they are flying spaceships in a futuristic galaxy, competing in digital sports, or helping the world through contributing to virtual supercomputers like the Folding@home project, it is surface treatments like PTFE coatings that are helping them do it.

Your Central Heating

Like the computer cooling mentioned above, coatings probably feature in your heating system too. That system may also include electroless nickel coating as well, and a number of other specialised surface treatments that help keep everything running. Find out more at

So, when the temperatures drop and winter arrives, your heating is not just welcome, it’s powered by a number of surface treatments too.

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Whatever you do

The list goes on, but it is clear that in almost every aspect of life today, surface treatments play a part. They help our technology, the practical aspects of life, like staying warm, and they make the hobbies and activities we love to do more fun.

Of course, surface treatments are always in development, moving forward with the latest technology to improve manufacture and performance. We can be sure that whatever the future holds, surface treatments will be helping us do the things we love and keep those things we need working efficiently and effectively. As technology advances, surface treatments are the foundation those advances are built on.