Creating a man’s capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are a great way to ensure that you are not left wondering what to wear each day and whilst you might initially think that this is for women, it is in fact a gender neutral way of organising your clothing.

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A capsule wardrobe prevents you from having hundreds of clothing items and lots of the same thing. You simply take some staple items that can be matched with other items in your wardrobe and have a range of accessories that are available to you that can help to change the outfit up further.


You can have items from Calvin Klein Menswear such as those found at EJ Menswear as well as some from high street fashion stores and utilise them all together in different arrangements to give yourself an almost never ending amount of looks that you can wear for formal occasions, to work and for a casual day or evening out.

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One of the first steps to creating a capsule wardrobe is to have a look at all of the clothing items that you already have and donate any items that no longer fit you or that you haven’t worn for a long time (unless these are specific for special occasions). You can then look at any items that you have duplicates or even more of and either donate the spares or store them in a clothing storage bag in case one of them becomes damaged.


You can then look at pairing your individual clothing items together to make entire outfits.