Four types of shirt and when to wear them

There are lots of different shirt types to reflect different personalities and to suit a multitude of different occasions. The difficulty can be in trying to decide which sort to choose. To help narrow down the options, here are a few ideas.

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Dress shirts

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These are the most formal of shirts that are most commonly worn with suits for smarter occasions. They are an elegant choice and are normally made from thicker materials than other shirts. They feature double cuffs and cutaway or pointed collars and look best teamed with three-piece suits or tuxedos. They most often complement black or white suits.

Oxford shirts

Oxford is a cloth type that was originally made in fabric mills in Scotland. It is often said to be a basket weave-type fabric and is heavier and less smooth than cloths used to make dress shirts. Oxford shirts are perfect in hard-wearing wardrobes as the cloth is stiff and able to hold its form. These types of shirts are a more formal option than flannel shirts but not as formal as dress shirts. They are perfect for wearing with everything from denims to more casual, everyday work suits.

Polo shirts

The likes of mens Ralph Lauren polo shirts from suppliers such as EJ Menswear offer a multitude of different uses, from sportswear to alternatives to more formal shirts. They were originally designed in 1933 to get around tennis rules and, whilst they are still popular in multiple sports from golf to racket games, they are now just as popular as complementary items to jeans and shorts, as well as under suits and semi-formal jackets. There are long and short-sleeve versions and a rainbow of colour choices, including darker, more formal options. If you want to find out more about the rules for attire at Wimbledon, for example, they can be seen at

Tunic shirts

We have looked at a range of traditional, western shirt styles but the opportunities offered by tunic shirts should not be overlooked. These are a completely different choice and typically fall to hip length with long sleeves. They are loose-fitting with slit necklines or Chinese collars. They can be perfect when worn over shorts for everything from summer strolls to trips to the shops or make a great alternative to more formal styles for beach weddings and hot weather gatherings.