How to Choose a University or College that’s right for you

When it’s time to choose a Uni or college, there are loads of things to consider. This a place where you’ll be studying, living and making new friends for the next few years so if it’s a good fit, you’ll be a lot happier. If this is your first time living away from home then it’s even more important to take your time when making a decision. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. What to Study

This is one of the main things you’ll be looking at so you need to choose a college where you can study exactly what you want to. Some universities and colleges specialize in certain subjects so whether its sciences, arts or law – make sure you know if the course you want is offered and is a quality course. Look at reviews online or talk to existing students if you can to get the real story of what the course entails. The right place for you will be a place with the right courses which with high-standard and engaging course content.

  1. Entry Requirements

Another major factor is whether you have the required entry grades for the course you wish to study. Some institutions will decide on applicants purely by exam results but others have their own entrance tests so make sure you have the right requirements. It can be useful to have a first choice and then a few back-up options with easier entry requirements should your results not be as good as you had hoped.

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  1. Culture

Each university or college has its own unique atmosphere and culture and it can be helpful to find out what this is and will it suit you. A visit to each one you’re considering will show you whether there is a huge emphasis on sports facilities, music, debating societies or other extracurricular activities.

  1. Location

Do you want to be far from home or somewhere with excellent transport networks so you can hop on a train or bus and go home to get your dirty washing cleaned? Are there supermarkets and shops near the campus? Where is the nearest bus stop, GP, hospital or vegan restaurant? Whatever your specific requirements are, you’ll need to know you can access them with ease or a short journey on public transport.

  1. Accommodation

Will you be living on or off campus? You’ll want to see what the campus student halls are like and the quality of rented accommodation nearby before you make a decision. For Student Accommodation in Gloucester, visit

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  1. Available Work

Many students have to fund their living expenses by having a part-time job. It’s important to check if the course schedule leaves you time for a job but also if there are opportunities near to the campus for you to find work easily should you need to.

  1. Rankings

If it’s important that you attend a top university or college then you will want to check out official rankings to see which institutions score the best. Make sure that you’re checking for the best in your chosen area of study and if you have a specific region in mind, check for the best in that area.