Winter Hair Care Solutions

Unfortunately, as we approach the end of summer, it’s time to think about how the approaching colder months might be damaging to our hair. Winter hair damage is a very real problem and if you don’t want to spend spring trying to repair the damage done, then now is a good time to prepare for hair care in the winter months. Here are some helpful ways to keep your locks looking great whatever the weather:

  1. Split ends can worsen during the winter as the cold weather and central heating cause your hair to become brittle and this can happen to all hair types. If you can, try to shampoo your hair less often during winter to avoid drying out the hair and causing itchy, flaky scalp problems. Eating well and avoiding stress will also help those with problem scalp areas.
  2. Try getting some extra moisture on your hair during winter. Using a moisturizer/conditioner that’s heavier than you would normally use and oil-based will help to lock in extra moisture and evaporate more slowly, protecting your hair for longer from the combined blasts of cold and hot, dry air.
  3. Applying a leave-in conditioner is also an effective treatment for those with fine hair who may suffer from static problems during the colder weather. As static is also a sign of dryness, a leave-in conditioner will act as a useful barrier to keep moisture locked-in for longer.

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  1. Using less chemicals on your hair is also advised during winter as this will prevent additional damage being done from drying out the hair and causing it to break more easily. If you feel you must treat your hair then try to use products that are less harsh or seek the advice of a professional. For a Gloucester Hairdresser, visit
  2. If you’re used to heat styling your hair everyday then winter might be a good time to consider ditching the daily straighteners and trying some new styles. Ideal styles for winter include buns, ponytails and braids which protect the hair from the elements and give it a rest from the hot styling routine.
  3. Did you know that sticking on a woolly hat in the mornings can actually be damaging your hair? Coarse materials can rub against the ends of hair and cause breakage and split ends. Try lining the inside of winter hats with silk or satin, maybe using an old scarf to sew inside. This will ensure your hair is protected. There is a reason why ladies used to tie a silk scarf around their hair as it protects the style from the elements too.

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  1. Night air during the winter months can also dry out your air so think about investing in a night serum or oil to treat your hair as you sleep. Find an old pillowcase that you don’t mind getting a bit messy and apply the serum just before going to bed. If you don’t feel too silly then experts also advise wearing a silk scarf or bonnet to prevent friction and ensure thorough moisturisation.