When Contact Lenses Are Better Than Glasses

Many people dislike the idea of wearing contact lenses for a variety of reasons. Contact lenses can cause itchy, watery, or dry eyes, which can cause discomfort to the wearer. Although the lenses of today are much better than those of the past, there are still some issues with the eyewear. Many people also object to the process of putting the lenses in and taking them out each day, because they are uncomfortable with objects in close range to the eye. Although contact lens wearing can be a challenge for some, there are many occasions where it is preferable to wear contact lenses over glasses. These occasions include a variety of situations where glasses wearing is simply not practical or desirable.

Sports and activity

During sports and high activity, glasses can get in the way. A ball in the face can destroy a pair of glasses. Glasses also fall off easier during sports, and may necessitate the use of a separate face guard or set of goggles to wear over the glasses to keep them in place. During extreme sports and events, like riding roller coasters, glasses can also fall off and break, while contact lenses will remain firmly in the eye.

Long lashes

Some people have exceptionally long lashes. For these people, glasses constantly bump into the lashes and cause vision problems and constant irritation. If you cannot blink without touching your lashes to the rim of your glasses, then contact lenses may be the better choice.

Unusual face

Some people simply do not have the face to wear traditional glasses. They could have a large space between their eyes and nose, a particularly wide or narrow face, or an ear position that makes wearing glasses uncomfortable. Some people simply do not like how glasses make their face look no matter what the frame style is.

Vision changes

Glasses can actually get in the way of proper sight in a variety of ways. Glasses can fog over, cause sun glares, and the frames may glint and shine in the sun, causing difficulty with vision. Dirty and scratched glasses can also cause vision problems. Contacts are less likely to have these issues if they are worn according to the prescribed methods.

A hatred of glasses

A few people simply hate glasses. Usually, this is due to a personality quirk that makes wearing glasses difficult. Some people do not like things touching their face, which can include glasses. Others may hate the feeling of glasses moving up and down while they chew, or have other physical issues with glasses that make them un-wearable. For these people, contact lenses are the better choice.


In some rare cases, glasses can irritate allergies. This is usually the case with inexpensive glasses that use materials like nickel and cheap plastics. Many people have allergies to these materials, and wearing glasses made from these materials can actually cause physical pain to some people.

As you can see, there are a wide range of occasions where contact lenses are vastly superior to traditional glasses. In fact, if it were not for the difficulty that some people have with wearing contact lenses, it is possible that all glasses would eventually get replaced with contact lenses.