Urologists study early prostate cancer treatment

Urologists at Basingstoke Hospital are studying early prostate cancer treatments. The experts are looking at the efficiency of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFS) as a possible means to treating the condition when it is a localised issue. The studies have had some very positive results so far, and hopes are high for this new treatment.

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How the Treatment Works

This interesting new treatment involves focusing the beam of ultrasound waves in a tightly controlled manner at the cancer cells. This enables the beam to penetrate the cancer cells without touching the healthy cells nearby. This precise focusing is what makes the treatment so promising due to its fine accuracy.

The Subject of Urology

The urologists can monitor the treatment well using this new method, which means the treatment is easy to control for the expert practitioner. Urologists are specialists in the urinary system and the urinary tract in addition to treating issues relating to the male reproductive system.

Clinical Trials

In order for these types of clinical trials to go ahead, medical experts need people who are willing to try new treatments. This is where paid medical trials can be helpful, such as those coordinated by experts like http://www.trials4us.co.uk/. These specialist trials offer people interested in helping medical research the chance to participate in clinical trials to test new drugs or treatments in exchange for a fee.

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Studies such as this one into the new HIFS treatment for prostate cancer help doctors to discover new ways of treating existing diseases. Without clinical trials, new drugs could not be developed and diseases would not be halted by medicine. Trial patients need to be healthy and meet the criteria set out by the medical experts who are running the trial.

The Future for Prostate Cancer

The future looks bright for prostate cancer sufferers, with new treatments such as HIFS being discovered and trialled. Recent new developments in technology can help with the diagnostics and therapies available to patients. Experts believe that advancements are moving quickly in the particular field of study.

The reason this new treatment has been able to push so far forward in such a short space of time is thanks to the help of the Pelican Cancer Foundation, which is a charity that funds medical research and helps to advance knowledge in the field of precision surgery.