Unusual Ways to Stay Warm

Winter has finally descended and so begin the months of trying to stay warm and avoiding the weather at all costs. Here are some unique and unusual ways to keep toasty this winter:

Staying warm in bed

There’s nothing worse than being unable to stay warm at night. Shivering and goose bumps will keep you awake, preventing you from getting your precious beauty sleep. What you need is a special sack that warms up, so you can store your PJs inside and enjoy the snuggly feeling of slightly toasted nightwear. It’s called a pyjama warming pouch so don’t be tempted to put anything else inside!

TV slippers

It wouldn’t normally be recommended to put your slippers in the microwave but the people at Hot Sox disagree. Yes, the great thing about this product is that you really can just warm up your slippers in the microwave and enjoy toasty toes as you settle in front of the TV for the evening.

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Check your boiler

The sensible thing to do before winter descends is to have your boiler serviced. Nothing is quite as miserable as no hot water or heat on a cold, dark winter’s day. Then you really will need some TV slippers and a pyjama warming pouch! For Forest of Dean Boiler Installation, visit greenplanetheating

Texting gloves

A real first world problem is that of trying to text while wearing gloves. There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to do anything with your phone while your outside in winter and wearing gloves to keep your extremities warm. Thankfully, there is now a pair of gloves to solve this terrible dilemma. They come with a removable forefinger and thumb tip so you can text away to your heart’s content and pop them back on your fingers when you’re done.

Use your PC

Why not save energy and kill two birds with one stone? When you power up your PC, it kicks out an awful lot of light and also heat. Close the door, fire up your favourite game and use it as a means of entertainment and a radiator!

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Want to be a burrito?

For those who can’t resist Mexican food, why not become some? Yes, you can purchase for yourself a giant burrito fleece, so you can look just like a large minced beef, guacamole, salsa, rice and bean cocoon of floured tortilla deliciousness. It’s the perfect place to ‘burro’ and stay warm on a cold winter’s night.

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