Things to Know About Carpet Stain Protection

If you have chosen to enjoy soft, plush carpets in your home, you might be concerned about keeping them looking fresh. Although a laminate floor looks good and is easily cleaned, it can be cold and is a hard surface to walk on. Carpets are warm and luxurious, look fantastic and can be just as easy to keep clean if you know how.

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Carpets, surprisingly, hold less bacteria than other types of floor. According to the BBC, it is more harmful to eat food dropped on a tiled or wooden floor than a carpet, as the bacteria can transfer quicker from floor to food. This makes them a good choice if you have small children, because not only are they more hygienic, but they cushion falls too!

Keeping Carpets Clean

Your first step to keeping your carpets looking clean is to take care around them. If you are going to be eating food or drinking in the same room as your carpets, be aware of your surroundings and perhaps save the bolognaise sauce for the dining room.

There are plenty of other ways you can keep your carpets looking beautiful. Regular cleaning by professional Carpet Cleaners Cheltenham such as will keep carpets looking and smelling good.

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Stain Protection

When buying carpets, check if they include stain protection. Stain Protection is usually an invisible layer on top of the fibres of the fabric that acts as a protective shield against dirt and spills. Stains will sit on top of the fibres as the protective coating is water-repellent, making it easy to clean up after an accident. Solid messes can’t stick to the fibres either so can simply be vacuumed up.

Stain Protection will usually last up to five years, but a “top-up” protection can be applied by a professional cleaning company. Stain Protection technology is safe and non-toxic and has a low environmental impact, meaning that you can rest assured your carpets don’t contain damaging chemicals.

If you do purchase carpets with Stain Protection, be sure to get them cleaned professionally, as using certain chemicals on them could destroy the protective layer.

It is definitely worth paying a little bit extra to have Stain Protection included with your carpet, but remember there are other options for keeping your new carpets looking good for longer.