Mud, sweat and tears – be comfortable this Festival season

Summer will soon be upon us – hooray! And with the finer months, come the music festivals. It seems to be a bit of a British tradition to spend a weekend in a muddy field, sharing portaloos with thousands of people and not getting much change from a tenner for a cheeseburger and a bottle of water. Live music makes up for this though and it’s a rite of passage to have stumbled back to your tent in the pitch black, slightly the worse for wear, only to be woken up at the crack of dawn, cold, stiff and severely hungover.

You don’t have to slum it to be cool though. You can be smart and still be at one with nature if you’re looking for the ultimate hippy experience. For Outdoor survival equipment, visit Here are a few items designed to make your festival a little less uncomfortable so you can carry on enjoying the incredible atmosphere.

Don’t forget the absolute essentials – travel and festival tickets! You might also take some ID to prove you can consume alcohol (sensibly or not that’s up to you). Cash is kind of essential too unless you plan to take everything with you – in which case, you’re gonna need a bigger backpack!

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Waterproofs and wellies are a must because let’s face it, even if it’s warm, our lovely British fields tend to remain forever moist and squishy. Remember to pack a sunhat and sunglasses too because nobody wants to burn their scalp and have to squint at everything. A torch is handy if you need to get back to your tent in the wee small hours and not trip over everyone else guide ropes in the process. A sleeping bag and a mat to make it more comfortable and definitely a pillow.

Taking your own toilet roll could well be a godsend whenever nature calls as it can get awkward when you’re stuck in portaloo and only realise there’s no paper left after you’ve already been! Wet wipes will become your new best friend and you can use these to clean everywhere – use them liberally as the only way to stay remotely fresh and vaguely human. Dry shampoo is a wonderful invention for those with a potentially greasy mop and no access to running water for a while. Oh and deodorant and toothpaste – particularly if you’re sharing a tent or you won’t be very popular.

If you’ve got enough space left in your backpack and enough strength to haul it then here are a few extras that you might think are useful to have. If you don’t want to pay the extortionate food prices then some cooking equipment, cans of food and cutlery will be important and don’t forget the matches or lighter for lighting. Bottle and tin openers too or you’ll be a tad annoyed when you realise the food and drink you carried was a total waste of time. And you may need earplugs too, as you can guarantee that when you want to sleep, half the festival will still be howling at the moon!