Moving to Uni

Moving into student accommodation is the norm, as most young people choose universities away from their home town. It’s a rite of passage for young people wanting to feel some independence and freedom for the first time.

Living away from home for the first time is a big step and you’ll need to learn how to do things for yourself, like cleaning, cooking and using the washing machine! You’ll want to live somewhere close to where the best courses are at the right university, so this invariably means packing up and leaving home for a while. Here are some tips on making your move go without a hitch.

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There are probably one hundred and one things you want to try to cram into mum and dad’s car on moving day. Don’t get too carried away though as you can always go back. It’s not like you’re not ever going to see this stuff again.

Things you don’t have or forget to take can always be purchased once you’re at university. Most universities are in busy city centre locations surrounded by shops and with the ease of online ordering these days, it’s very easy to get everything you require. Another reason for not taking everything bar the kitchen sink is that student halls tend to have rooms considerably smaller than what you might be used to at home. You should focus on the essentials.

Most students will load up mum and dad’s vehicle to bursting point and get them to drive to their new residence. This is all a bit haphazard, not to mention stressful and cramped. Others might choose to hire a removal company, but this tends to be a bit overkill and you’ll pay premium price for this kind of service too. The best solution is a man and van set-up from a Bristol Removals Company. This an economical way to have a stress-free move and a van is often just the right size for the amount of stuff a student wants to take with them. Everything can be transported in one go without the need for several trips back and forth. For a Bristol removals company go to

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Using a man and van means you and your family can drive to your new student accommodation comfortably and safely without having to sit on piles of clothes, have boxes nudging your back or lava lamps on your lap!

You can also use the same service to bring all your stuff back again once your course has finished for the summer. It’s a great way to keep your folks on side too, as they won’t be spending a fortune on petrol with multiple trips and can concentrate on spending precious time with their child before leaving them to mature and experience the student life as safely and happily as possible.