How to keep your carpets fresh

It is important to clean your carpets regularly to maintain their longevity, removing dust and dirt that can linger in the deep fibres and in the long term have an effect on your health. Carpets are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and allergens, exposing your family to dangerous pollutants.

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Carpets need vacuuming wall to wall at least twice a week – three times where there is heavy traffic. Make sure you go around all the edges where pet hair and dust can collect.


To help keep your carpets clean and stain-free, put mats both inside and outside exterior doors to reduce the amount of mud and dirt coming in on your shoes. If you have a fully-carpeted home, you may wish to ban the wearing of shoes in the house altogether, leaving shoes by the front door and wearing carpet slippers instead.

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Any stains or marks on the carpet should be treated immediately; over time, stains will become permanent. The easiest method is to use a carpet stain remover.


For heavy soiled carpets that need a deep cleaning and freshening up, it is best to use a carpet cleaner. If you don’t own one, they can be hired from supermarkets or tool hire outlets. Make sure you read the instructions and use the correct carpet cleaning solution. Open the windows to allow the carpets to dry.


If you feel the job is too much for you, there are many professional carpet cleaning specialists available, such as Cheltenham carpet cleaning company A professional service will bring all the equipment and materials required to bring your carpets up like new.

When booking a specialist, make sure they have a business address in case of any problems. If your carpets are under warranty, advise the professionals of this. Arrange a price for the cleaning work and check whether they are willing to move the furniture before making any agreement. Move any valuables yourself and store them in an appropriate place.

Make sure you open the windows to help the drying process, and don’t replace furniture until the carpets are completely dry.

Once your carpets have been cleaned, run the vacuum over them every week to keep them clean and fresh. Your carpets lifespan will be prolonged if you look after them carefully.