How To Achieve The Maximum Asking Price For Your Home

If you are selling your home, then naturally this is an opportunity to make the most that you can out of it and achieve the maximum price for your home. Like any other product, the price your home achieves is all about the view of your home’s value in the eyes of your customer. Just as relatively simple items such as water can be sold for more or less through marketing techniques, so too can your home rise and fall in value in the eyes of your customers. Today we are going to go through the key ways to make sure that you achieve the maximum asking price for your home.

1.)  Branding
Your home, at the moment, is probably a testimony to your personal life, times and tastes. As we live in a home, we tend to mark our territory with evidence of our tastes and experiences, everything from the furnishing, to the wall colours and the floors, and even tiny details such as plants and toilet roll holders will all carry your unique signature. The problem with this, when it gets to sale time, is that your prospective buyers are not looking for a home that has all of the markings and memorabilia of its current tenants: they are looking for something they can customize for themselves. By redecorating your home to be as much of a blank canvass as possible, what you are effectively doing is providing customers with a place on which they can project their own dreams and aspirations and envisage their future and their furniture it. Redecorating your home to blank, neutral, modern tones will convert the appearance of your home from something that “needs work”, to something “with a lot of potential”. So our number one tip is to erase all evidence of you from your home, and quickly turn it into the blank canvass buyers are looking for.

2.)  Pricing
This is where the use of a good estate agent comes in. The price you are able to achieve for your property will depend on it’s perceived value in the eyes of your buyers, meaning that a high priced property can appear as a bargain, whilst a low priced property can seem like an expensive purchase: all based on market conditions, benefits your property offers and of course pricing. If the house next door to yours sold for 500 thousand, it may be because it had a loft conversion, an eco system on inbuilt audio controls in every room. Why houses are sold for the prices they are sold for depend on more than the number of rooms and postcode and so a good estate agent will price your home well and leave enough space for negotiation to make sure you get a good price when you do sell.

3.)  Customers
Achieving the proper sale figure for your home will also require a certain type of customer, and this is where a good estate agent will help, as will an amount of patience. If you are in a rush to sell, then getting the most out of your property will be more of a challenge, as you may feel a need to grab the customers that make you an offer, instead of waiting for the right customer to make you the right offer. This can take time, and so number three on our list is keeping your home viewed by as many customers as possible to make sure to connect with the one that will be able to give you the price you want for your property.