Don’t overlook these potential clients

The usual types of businesses that hire commercial cleaners we assume to be office buildings, hotels, and hospitals and while that is indeed true and will be some of the biggest clients, there are plenty of other places that need cleaning services, which is good news if you’re planning to expand your business. You just need to think outside the box.

The more common types of clients listed above are big spaces and getting these on board means good, solid business for your cleaning service. But cleaning services should also think about the smaller commercial spaces that may be on the lookout for professionals to do a great cleaning job. Here are some frequently overlooked places that need could also use cleaning services.

From primary schools to universities, all schools require excellent cleaning services. Public schools often have in-house cleaning services, but some of them do outsource. For public contracts, check with your local council. For private school and university contracts, you’ll want to pitch to the schools directly. These facilities are much more likely to hire private cleaners, and they are sometimes very attractive contracts.

Hospitals rank high on the list of common places that need cleaning services, but have you considered the smaller medical and dental offices that need cleaning just as much? Such places will need to reach the same high standards of cleanliness as hospitals do which means a professional cleaning service is a must.

There are loads of gyms these days as everyone has gone fitness crazy so whether it’s a yoga studio, a gym, a dance studio or something else, fitness centers of all sorts have ongoing cleaning needs as well and can be useful, steady work. For Commercial Cleaning Services Cardiff, visit

Venue cleaning is another avenue to consider and many restaurants and bars will hire outside cleaners to come in at the end of the night and clean up for the morning. Like any public place serving food and drink, they also have to adhere to strict health regulations, so there’s no shortage of work to do.

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You might never think of it but businesses that archive documents for companies have a significant interest in keeping their storage facilities clean and tidy for their clients. Since they don’t usually require cleaning every day, though, professional cleaners are attractive since they only have to come in once or twice a week.

Customers can be really put off by seeing dirt and dust collecting in corners and on shelves of a retail store. You don’t see often as most retail businesses know that cleanliness is an integral part of running a store. Retail cleaning jobs are a little smaller, but as they generally take up less time and resources, they can be a great addition to your list of customers.

All it takes to find uncommon places that need cleaning services, is a little imagination. Google is an excellent source but try talking to your existing clients as you may well find that they know someone looking for a reliable commercial cleaner. Social media is a great tool for expanding your business and your network of contacts.