Commercial Dishwashers: Sizing and Temperature Considerations

They say size doesn’t matter, but in the commercial industry, the bigger the better. When it comes to serving food, the faster the turnaround of plates, cutlery and glasses the more food can be sold.

Commercial Dishwashers

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That’s why, when it comes to dishwashers, getting the right sized machine for your kitchen is essential, as is choosing whether to buy a low or high temperature version.

High temperature dishwashers:

• Are less energy efficient
• Do not require regular chemical cleaning
• Use high heat to sanitise glassware and dishes
• Are suitable for plastics
• Are quicker and flash dry contents to reduce food safety risks
• Must achieve 180 degrees Farenheit to meet NSF regulations

Low temperature dishwashers:

• Are not suitable for plastic
• Require monthly chemicals
• Are more energy efficient
• Use more water and deposit chemicals into the drainage
• Not as effective for removing stubborn grime
• Use chemicals to sanitize
• Chemicals may cause damage to the contents

It is important to remember that food hygiene is essential to selling safe food to your customers, regardless of which dishwasher you choose.

Dishwashers, for both the home and commercial businesses, come in all shapes and sizes, including those commercial dishwashers through 247cateringsupplies, but what do you need to consider to get the appropriate sized machine for your business?

Some will say that finding the correct unit for your kitchen is critical to its ability to keep up with the demand of your front of house, but it should also work for you. For example, the cost of maintenance, upkeep and monthly outgoings related to the machine are all important considerations.

Most units will process approximately 18 dishes or 36 items of glassware on one rack per hour. To calculate the size of dishwasher you need, first consider how many dirty dishes or grimy glasses your business generates per hour. If, for example, you generate 90 dishes per hour, we know in general a rack holds 18 so you will need a 5 rack dishwasher.

Make sure you take into account future business growth, seasonal periods and bigger items like pots and pans. Keep in mind all of this when choosing your new machine and your dishwasher should last around 5-10 years. Money well spent in the long run.