Check Out The Best Attractions in Devon

Devon is a County in the South West of England; it is known for its gorgeous sites, and it’s stunning beaches. Devon is also famous for its Devonshire cream teas, which is a common afternoon snack in their cafe’s and tea rooms. If you are planning on going for a holiday down in Devon, you will certainly not be short of things to see and do; there are many gorgeous walks, coastlines to see, towns to visit, and there are plenty of fun attractions. If you are interested in doing some shopping, you could visit the Shops in Honiton High Street in Devon; there are a wide variety of amazing independent shops, from antique shops to stationery shops – you will certainly be kept busy.

Paignton Zoo

Paignton Zoo is an amazing attraction for adults and children; there are plenty of animals to see and fun play areas for the little ones. They have a wide variety of animals, from Gorillas, Parrots, and even Insects. Zookeepers even hold talks for the visitors, so they can learn more about the animals. This zoo is a short drive from Brixham, Paignton town, and Torquay, so you will definitely want to add this attraction to your list of places to go to in Devon.

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Living Coasts

Living Coasts is located in Torquay, and is part of the Wild Planet Trust, alongside Painton Zoo and Newquay Zoo; this zoo houses Seals, Penguins, Fish, and even seabirds. They hold animal talks where the zookeepers educate their visitors on the animals. Their Aquarium has a wide range of fish and sea creatures, and they even have different species of sea plants.

Otters and Butterflies

This Otter and Butterfly sanctuary is located in Totnes, and is near to the South Devon Steam Railway; this sanctuary is home to the British or European Otter, the Asian Short Clawed Otter, and the North American River Otter. There is also a wide range of different butterfly species to see in their indoor butterfly habitat. They also house Terrapins, Leaf Cutting Ants, and rescued exotic animals such as lizards, amphibians, and insects.

Woodlands Family Theme Park

This theme park is perfect for the whole family and includes rides for all ages; there are plenty of fun indoor and outdoor play areas for the children, and there are lots of fun rides and roller coasters. They also have a Zoo farm which houses many different animals such as Goats, Alpacas, Parrots, Pigs, Racoons, and many more – so there is plenty of fun to be had at the Woodlands Family Theme Park. Make sure not to miss out on the great holiday deals and events happening there.

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Bygones is a vintage style museum which will bring you back to the olden days; you can walk around the street scene where they have the old-time street of the Victorian Era, you can view The Period Rooms that portray a rich Victorian household, and they even have vintage War Time Memorabilia. The whole family can enjoy the vintage funfair that features lots of old arcade games too. You can find Bygones vintage museum in Torquay, a close distance to Paignton and Brixham.