Be aware of domestic electrical hazards

Research has shown that nearly half of all home fires in London are down to faults with electrical appliances, largely due to a failure in the device, product or because of misuse. Such incidents can be fatal and cause damage to life and property. You must be alert and on guard about all electrical hazards that might be in your home. With vigilance and quick action, you can avoid any dangerous situations.

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Let’s look at tips that can help you be aware of the electrical hazards around you.

Hire a licensed electrician

When you do any work in your home, make sure that you have hired a reliable electrician with valid qualifications and experience. Never attempt any electrical work as a DIY project. For an Essex Electrician, visit a site like Essex Electricians SM Electrical

Turn off all appliances

In the case of electrical danger signs, you should immediately turn off all the equipment from the mains. This is to ensure that no damage occurs to other home electronic devices.

Avoid DIY temptation

Although it’s nice to have a little knowledge and be able to handle minor electrical problems, it’s important to assess when to seek help from a professional electrician for your electrical hazards.

Stay alert

Keep yourself alert and aware of your surroundings. Ensure that there are no loose wires or open power sources. Water and electricity do not mix well together, so you need to make sure that power units have no contact with water. This is very important because water on a power unit can cause irreparable damage.

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Use RCD (Residual Current Device)

RCD attaches to the fuse box or individual resources. The RCD is a life -saving device that switches power off automatically if there is an electrical hazard.

Managing the load

Do not overload your electrical outlets by inserting too many appliances into one socket, especially those with high amperage ratings such as kettles, irons, and heaters. While planning the layout of the power you have, be careful that outlets are distributed evenly throughout the house.

Keep flammable things away from electrical devices. If you use a portable heater to keep warm, keep it away from flammable materials such as paper, curtains and furniture. Do not use one to dry your clothes because it is highly flammable, especially, during the night as when you are sleeping.

Clean your oven

Clean your oven and stove regularly and always mop up obvious spills immediately to avoid the accumulation of food debris and grease. This may cause a fire hazard and cause accidents.

Periodic checks

For your personal safety, you should make sure that you regularly carry out checks on power supplies and electrical devices.