Adding value to your home with a modern heating system

You buy a home to live in rather than considering what it will be worth when you eventually sell it. However, the value of your property is an important factor and when carrying out any home improvements you should consider the effect they will have and how they will appeal to potential buyers.

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Increasingly, buyers are environmentally conscious and you should consider this in any changes you make to your heating system.

Hidden heat

Traditionally, central heating has involved using radiators. But these take up wall space and restrict where you can place furnishings. So, what’s the alternative? Many modern houses choose to hide their heating systems, this may be via underfloor heating, This can be a wet system involving hot water in pipes beneath the floor, or a dry system using electric heating elements.

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Other alternatives include heating hidden in the skirting boards, or in the walls themselves. All of these hidden systems are disruptive to install, so the work is best done when you are carrying out other renovation or building work. It is also a good idea to have somewhere to keep your Gas Meter Box safe, secure and in a good state of repair. While getting any work done on your heating system maybe consider having a new and improved cover from companies such as

Efficient heating

If you don’t want the disruption and expense of installing a new system, buyers will appreciate having a system that works efficiently. This means having your boiler serviced and this can be done by an emergency plumber.

You should also make sure that the timer and thermostat are working properly, and it’s worth thinking about installing thermostatic radiator valves if you don’t have them already. You should also look at preventing heat loss. Make sure your insulation is up to scratch, seal up any draughts, and look at replacing any old or ill-fitting windows and doors.

Renewable systems

If you want to attract green buyers you may consider the latest renewable systems. Most people are aware of solar panels used to generate electricity, but this technology can also be used to heat domestic water, meaning your boiler has to work less hard.

Also gaining in popularity are heat pump systems. Air-source heat pumps can extract heat from the outside air to provide your heating and hot water. Ground source pumps use underground pipes to extract heat, so you’ll need a garden in order to bury the equipment. Though these pumps need electricity to run, you’ll gain back more in heat.