7 Unique Gift Ideas For New Dads

When it comes to expecting parents, moms get a lot of attention. They get tons of advice about the baby, about how to handle work and home and receive tons of gifts as well; but people hardly bother about the dad-to-be. Dads play an important role in a child’s life, so they must be given importance as well.

However, buying gifts for a new dad or a dad-to-be might be tougher than buying gifts for the new mom or mom-to-be. But that should not let you down. Here are top seven unique gift ideas for the new dad or dad-to-be:

1. The Baby Manual

Once you are back from the hospital, you are responsible for all the diaper changing, putting the baby to sleep, feeding the baby and doing everything else. Moms have a natural flair to do things right from the very first minute, but it not the same for the dads. Therefore they need some kind of training to be able to handle the baby. One possibility is to join one of the new dad programs; but if he has missed his opportunity, you can gift him with a book that helps the new dad to get accustomed with the little bundle of joy. The “Happiest Baby on the Block”, for instance, is a good book that is a comprehensive manual about how parents must handle their babies. It has lots of pictorial illustrations to make it easy for the new moms and dads to understand the techniques.

2. A Manly Baby Bag

Do you think your partner (the new dad) would be comfortable carrying the sweet little baby bag when taking the baby out for a stroll? Surely not! Why not gift him a manly diaper bag/backpack that he can carry confidently. Pack it will all the necessary items such as diapers, wipes, toys and all other baby essentials.

You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors; so make sure you get one that suits the personality of the new dad.

3. A Good Night’s Sleep

Both parents will have to spend a lot of sleepless nights after welcoming the baby. The best gift for the new dad would be a good night’s sleep! Why not make things a little more interesting? Gift him with an anime body pillow or a body pillow of any other theme that he is crazy about! Each one of us requires some space and time for ourselves; this would be the best way to allow the new dad to spend some quality me-time!

4. A Dad and Baby T-Shirt Combo


If you are looking for something really unique, you can consider gifting a dad and baby t-shirt combo. No matter whether it is a girl or a boy, t-shirt combos are available for everyone.

Choose t-shirts with cool messages. You can check out the online stores or the local fashion outlets to find the dad and baby t-shirt combos.

5. Make Life Easier with a High-Tech Tracker

No your baby is too little to crawl under the bed, so it is not about tracking your baby, but there are apps that help parents track their baby’s regular activities. These apps help you track everything from when the baby sleep and for how long, the number of wet and dirty diapers, how many times the baby feeds and everything else.

So when you visit the pediatrician you have all the information at your fingertips. The best thing – the information can be shared between multiple mobile devices through a single sign up. So if the mommy is too busy to take the baby to the doctor or inform when to feed next, the new dad can check out the app and get all the information at once.

6. An Awesome Camera

Who does not want to capture the baby’s sweet and silly moments? Sure the smartphone has a camera, but that is often not enough to capture the great moments. Choose a good camera for the new dad and allow him to capture all the moments that he and his son/daughter can cherish later in life.
You can many options to choose from – a video camera, point-and-shoot, or a full-fledged digital SLR. It mostly depends on your budget; but if you really want to sweep the new dad of his feet, a full-fledged SLR camera would be the best choice.

7. A Sturdy Baby Carry

Carrying the baby out is a real challenge for the new dad. Dads often find it difficult to carry the newborn in their arms. So you can make things easier for him by gifting a sturdy baby carry. Whether he needs to take the baby out for a stroll or needs to heat a packet of ready-to-eat pasta, he can do everything with ease. But make sure you choose a branded baby carry that perfectly fits the dad. Since the baby’s safety is a concern, do not settle for the cheaper ones.


Can’t decide what to buy for the new dad? You need not fret anymore! Here is a list of unique gifts that will surely get appreciated by the new dad. Surely, there are tons of other things that you can consider buying; but these are one-of-a kind and will make life easier for the dad. So think out-of-the-box and try gifting something really unique.